Do you have radiators that are cool, or some rooms that are hotter than others, or perhaps radiators are cool at the bottom and hot at the top? 

It could be a number of faults but looking after your central heating system makes sure you are getting the most for your money with your heating.  Maybe the thermostat is set too low, or the system needs balancing, or could be the central heating system needs to be flushed out and the sludge that has built up be cleared out.

Why you should clean your central heating system

Most central heating systems develop this sludge over time. It starts as in the diagram below with a small amount of deposit 

You may detect that one of your radiators is warm at the top and sides but cold in the middle (take care when touching the radiator to ensure that you do not burn your hand). If this is the case you may have a build up of “sludge” in the radiator.


Removing these radiator sludge deposits requires care. Disturbing the sludge which has built up in the heating system over many years could merely result in redistributing it throughout your other radiators, expanding the problem in future years.

As these radiator deposits will lie dormant in your system you do not want to replace or update your boiler with the latest model without removing these contaminants and debris.


If this does happen it will inflate your heating bills, which will be costly, and it will possibly require costing you further money. We can power flush and resolve central heating problems.