Dripping Taps

Dripping taps can drive you mad, as well as wasting water and staining your sink. There are many different types of taps on the market swivel, ceramic, pillar or stem we can repair or install new ones.

Overflow Pipe

Dripping w

hen your overflow pipe is leaking water everywhere, it may indicate that you've got a problem with the float valve.

The float valve is usually a plastic ball at the end of a metal arm in the tank that's usually found in the loft. It controls the water level of the tank and will cause your overflow pipe to leak if it's faulty. The most common problems include a leak in the float, which means it needs replacing, or a fault with its washers, which will need refitting.

Faulty Toilet

As well as wasting huge amounts of water, the noise of a continually running toilet is enough to drive anyone potty!  Often considered the most overworked part of the plumbing system, all of us have at least one cistern in our homes as part of the WC.  The mechanisms in a toilet cistern are worked numerous times during the day, therefore over time some servicing is invariably required to keep it functioning correctly.


Defective rainwater guttering can be the source of damp problems in the structure of a building.  The guttering is designed to carry water away from the building, if they are not properly maintained the water can run down the wall and eventually cause damage to the structure of the building and ruining decoration on the inside.  It is important to keep guttering in good repair.

Often leaks are only apparent when it is raining, if you notice any major leaks get them rectified as soon as possible.  We are qualified in ladder safety and are competent to work at heights of 6m (20ft).

Burst Pipe or Leaking Pipes

Burst or leaking water pipes can cause £1000's of pounds worth of damage, and Winter is the most common time of the year for pipes to burst and start leaking; cold weather can lead to water expanding when it freezes, and splitting pipes.  We can insulate/lag your pipes for you the most effective way of ensuring you don't have a burst pipe. 

Spotting Leaking Pipes

To look out for signs that a pipe may be leaking - albeit slowly.  For example you may notice lower pressure from your taps or shower, your water bill might show usage has risen unexpectedly.

Carry out a simple check if your home is fitted with a water meter, turn off all taps, and make sure appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines are not on and therefore not using water.  Check your water meter if the dial is turning, this could indicate a leak, or take a reading come back in an hour or so; has the reading gone up?  If so you could have a leak!